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Message from CEO

Christina Ruggiero

It has been a very few months since I landed in India. During this time, I have been on a self-proclaimed “discover India” trip and I have had the privilege of seeing a diverse section of this beautiful country and its people. It has been fascinating, but there is much more to be discovered and experienced. I have also met several of my colleagues at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) and I can say that we have some of the most competent and passionate people and partners, that any manufacturing company in India can parade. All we need is an enabling environment.

One of my favourite moments over the last few months was at the Nemam(near Chennai) factory where I met two young men – Prabakaran (25) and Surendiran (26). They are on their very first job, out of a local Technical Training Institute. They told me that their goals in life are already met, since they have been chosen to operate our new tetra line at the factory. It makes them feel special. I found the comment, overwhelming. It made me feel very special too!

My other favourite moment is of my visit to a little warehouse in a tiny village in Orissa (a small storage room at the back of a house, to replenish the local shop) and the grandmother of the family instantly invited me to stay with her, in their house. Completely lovely and so much warmth and instant connect.

I have had all my colleagues and our partners and associates telling me how much they look at us to make a lasting impact. We certainly have the scale and the system to do that. As our response to all of these believers, we are reorienting our business to be able to manufacture products in every beverage category that has consumer relevance. Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages has traditionally been focusing on the sparkling (carbonated beverages) and juices, but we are now investing on infrastructure that can produce flavoured milk products, mineral fortified hydration products, fruit based products and traditional Indian drinks like Jalzeera flavoured Rimzhim.

HCCB is one of largest institutional buyers of agricultural produce and fruit pulp – worth more than Rs. 2,000 crores - benefitting 250,000 farmers. In the next 5 years, HCCBalong with the 13 other franchise bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company in India plan to spend Rs. 5,200 crores towards the procurement of processed fruit pulp and fruit concentrate. This will have a direct positive impact on more than 500,000 farmers. Steps like these and many more will ensure a win-win for the Company and its stakeholders.

I am excited to be in India and to be a part of a business that has so many well-wishers and creates such a lasting impact.

Best regards,