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Bottling Investments Group President's Message

Irial Finan

HCCBPL is a key part of Bottling Investments Group, one of the three major operating groups of
The Coca-Cola Company and one of the largest and most geographically diverse bottlers in the
Coca-Cola system.

At Hindustan Coca-Cola, we are committed to creating value for everyone associated with our business, our consumers, our customers, our associates, our suppliers, the local communities we serve and civil society in general. As part of the world’s largest global beverage system,
Hindustan Coca-Cola is striving to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference. Along with our Coca-Cola colleagues worldwide, we are proud to provide consumers and customers with the world’s most refreshing and best-loved beverages, starting with our flagship brand, Coca-Cola.

Our people are the heart of our organization—talented, engaged individuals working together to deliver powerful results. We are building a culture of marketplace and operational excellence, continuous productivity enhancement and relentless waste reduction. Along the way, we are making Hindustan Coca-Cola an even better place to work, strengthening an organization that brings together leading expertise in distribution with world-class selling capabilities, a fully integrated supply chain and winning marketplace execution.

Even so, we know we cannot do everything on our own. We continue to focus on building and enhancing relationships with our valued suppliers and other local partners, and are always looking for new ways to fuel the success of our customers. Ultimately, we believe that our business can only be as strong and vibrant as the communities we serve. That is why we are committed to sustainability leadership, helping ensure the long-term health of our business, our partners’ businesses, our local communities and our environment. While Coca-Cola’s history of refreshment stretches back more than 125 years, we feel like our journey is just getting started. In fact, as we hope to double the size of Coca-Cola’s global business over the course of this decade, we are as excited now as we have ever been.

Thank you very much for your interest in Hindustan Coca-Cola. We appreciate the great affection people have for Coca-Cola and our other brands, and we are working every day to make a positive, lasting difference in our local communities and the world beyond.

Best regards,
Irial Finan
Executive Vice President &
President, Bottling Investments Group
The Coca-Cola Company