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Our Values

Our Values

The HCCBPL Values were conceived in the year 2009 and flow from the values espoused by The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and Bottling Investment Group (BIG). Our Values encapsulate the core of our organization and brand, working as essential guideposts and signposts for all our employees in their journey of excellence.

Passion for Winning:

Passion for winning with our brands, consumers, customers and quality.

Passion at our Company begins by unleashing opportunities. And there is no better way to do this than by lending excitement and support to our 2020 Vision – to look for new ways to grow the business, to demonstrate excellent customer service, and to accelerate our momentum.


Create a sustainable tomorrow for our business

We believe we will make a difference by communicating and promoting a clear vision and ensuring that our Company's interests are always placed ahead of team and personal agendas. Tough decisions demand that we take short- and long-term implications into account, prioritize our actions, and provide immediate feedback on performance. And we should inspire and influence others to embrace our culture and strive for personal excellence, then trust them to do the right thing.


We act on what we agree and expect the same of others.

Our willingness to own our reputation is essential to accountability. It requires that we promote and protect our reputation both inside and outside the Company. It means we need to step up and make the tough calls, even in the most complex situations. Our decisions should be clear. We should deliver on time and within budget. And we need to honor our commitments with disciplined follow-up.


Commitment to local stakeholders by consistent engagement & environmental practices

Our constant endeavor is to make a positive difference by integrating within the social fabric of the communities we work in. We strive to work towards achieving a closer understanding of the community needs and aspirations eventually leading to sustainability and improving lives and the environment. Our focus is putting the interests of the community we work as an important part of our growth agenda.


Decisions are made at the lowest appropriate level

Empowerment to us means the ability of an individual to give associates the right amount of authority to take the decisions that they can. This closely relates to our values of leadership and accountability. It is about maximizing overall work efficiencies by removing hierarchies.


Be open, honest, ethical and respect each other

In our determination to win, it's important that all of us stand up for what we believe is right for the Company. We need everyone to speak his or her mind, to offer input and insight. But we can only do this if we give each other respect. Walk your talk. At our Company, this means making sure our behavior is consistent with our values. Every day, we need to reinforce our beliefs through our actions.


Working together to support and inspire each other to win

Going beyond assumptions to fully understand people will allow us to make the most of our collective abilities and accomplishments. Together, we can build bridges across our markets and with our consumers. By promoting teamwork within and across our teams, we create ways to share knowledge and resources, and think of all stakeholders as members of one family. Sharing credit is a necessary element of collaboration, and we will actively recognize others for their contributions. We want to take advantage of those contributions and re-apply our best ideas and practices Companywide.